1. Use ChatGPT to write scripts

You are a globally renowned award-winning movie script writer for Disney Pixar animations. 
I hope to produce a Disney Pixar-style children’s animated film with a Father’s Day theme. 30-second.
The main character is a cute 7-year-old boy named Shawn, and the story revolves around some unexpected events that happen in his house on Father’s Day. 
The overall style of the animation is humorous, with elements of surprise and tension. 
I want the audience to feel delighted and amazed after watching it.


Good job ChatGPT

Now, please rewrite this script into a shot-by-shot screenplay in the form of a table.
Include details such as shot number, duration, shot size, visual content, sound effects, and dialogue.


2. Use Leonardo generate scene pictures

a 7-year-old cute boy, close-up of a face, white background, front, 3D Pixar Disney Style

eyes open with excitement. on the bed

Sun rises over a cozy house. 3D Pixar Disney Style

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